Election Day roundup: All OSCPA-endorsed candidates prevail

By Barbara Benton, CAE, vice president of governmental relations

The Ohio Society of CPAs endorsed 14 candidates and one ballot issue ahead of Ohio's May 8 primary. All were victorious, and the candidates will move on to represent their respective parties in the November election.

The biggest surprise of Tuesday’s primary election results is actually what didn’t happen in Ohio: the “blue wave” that washed up in several other states wasn’t even a ripple in the water: 148,000 more Republicans voted than Democrats. All state and federal incumbents (other than one Ohio House member) were victorious, and, unlike two years ago, the statewide polls generally held up to actual results. But that doesn’t mean the wave won’t show up in the fall.

The biggest job over the next few months for Republicans will be to repair the wounds caused by weeks of nasty, negative ads. Mike DeWine started doing just that Tuesday when he invited voters from all over the state and all parties to join with him to take Ohio into the future. For the most part, on the Democrat side those raw wounds were avoided by their ability to stave off primary races.

Undoubtedly, Ohio will be in the national spotlight once again and voters should prepare for another onslaught of negative political ads and endless robo calls this fall. In the meantime, though, do yourself a favor by doing your own homework on the candidates who will appear on your own November ballot. Something as important as who will run our local community, our state and our nation shouldn’t be left up to what a candidate’s opponent wants you to hear.

One tool you can count on is OSCPA’s fall endorsement guide, which will be available in September. Dozens of Ohio CPAs will be carefully screening more than 100 local, statewide and federal races through the lens of your professional interests. While every Ohio voter – including me – has issues they personally care about, OSCPA’s Guide is an impartial tool you can use to educate yourself on the issues affecting the accounting profession and Ohio’s business community.

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