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Janice Worthington, MA, CPRW, JCT

Worthington is the president of Worthington Career Services, a resume and job search consulting firm that provides strategic career coaching to professionals at all levels of the corporate ladder. Take advantage of all of the resources that Janice provides to OSCPA members including regular columns, podcasts and free career coaching sessions. Find out more about Janice Worthington today by visiting her website.


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  • Jul 10, 2014

    Is it ever okay to fib on your resume?

    Read OSCPA’s own Career Coach Janice Worthington’s response to this question from Anonymous.
  • May 14, 2014

    Career Center Invitation

    In 2009 OSCPA discovered yet another way to better serve its membership. As the Great Recession continued to rock the career stability of the US workforce, OSCPA opened its all-purpose Career Center that continues to serve members throughout the state.
  • Mar 19, 2014

    Make the most of your generation

    More and more there's been a lot of attention given to the four generations in the workplace. Coming from the 1960s, complete with Vietnam and Woodstock, we agreed never to trust anyone over 30. Ask any Baby Boomer – it was them and us.

Ask the Coach: One-on-one Free Career Coaching

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OSCPA On-Demand: Conquering the Interview

Whether you are preparing for your very first interview or are ready for a career transition, there are many aspects to the interview process that are vital to your success. Join Janice Worthington, Certified Job and Career Transition Coach, Worthington Career Services, and Chaz Hixen, Director of Recruiting Services, CMax Advisors, as they share information - from both the candidate and employers perspective - on how to prepare for interviews, what to say during an interview and how to ace the interview. Register today!


“Janice’s help was invaluable in my job search. With her coaching, I interviewed with several companies, received three offers and am now in a controller’s position.”

“Thank you for our meeting and your candid comments! I also enjoyed your session. Our meeting and your session were an integral part of making this a beneficial conference for me.”

“I enjoyed my time with Janice Worthington. We hit on a few key areas, and she provided some great suggestions. I hope that you continue to offer this type of opportunity for students as well as professionals in job or career transition.”