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Career Coaching

Janice Worthington, MA, CPRW, JCT is the president of Worthington Career Services, a resume and job search consulting firm that provides strategic career coaching to professionals at all levels of the corporate ladder. 

Take advantage of all of the resources that Janice provides to OSCPA members including regular columns, podcasts and free career coaching sessions. Find out more about Janice Worthington today by visiting her website.

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Winners and Losers in Career Management
what you need to do to get ahead in your career, why your business development is stagnant, and how you can become "plan the work so you can work the plan." 

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Conquering the Interview 
There are many aspects to the interview process that are vital to your success. Learn from both the candidate and employers perspective — on how to prepare for interviews, what to say during an interview and how to ace the interview.

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Video Resources

Avoiding Career Obsolescence
An outside-the-box look at how the U.S. workplace and job market are changing and what those changes mean for association professionals. 

Stand Out by Building Your Brand
Learn many tactics you can employ to build a truly unique personal brand and leverage it as you pursue career opportunities.

Powerful Resumes & Avoiding Job Search Sabotage
Michele Riklan is an internationally recognized, award-winning resume write and Certified Employment Interview Consultant (CEIC). She has written hundreds of resumes and coached clients through all phases of the job search. 

Developing an Effective Network
Marshall Brown is an executive leadership coach. In this 20-minute mini-seminar, he looks at key strategies for developing personal business relationship that help us get things done, make connections and build a strong framework for our personal career success.

Ace the Interview: Behavioral Interviewing Tips
Alan De Back is an experience learning and communications specialist with over 20 years of experience in corporate, academic and government environments. This presentation is a guide for job seekers with cutting-edge strategies that make you stand out in a behavioral interview.