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Written on May 11, 2016

It would be an understatement to say that I’m excited about this issue of CPA Voice. Already you’ve noticed that it packs a brand new look and a pretty big announcement…the unveiling of The Ohio Society of CPAs’ new logo and brand.

It’s been a big project getting to this point. For more than two years, our staff and the Society’s Executive Board have worked together with leading consultants to evaluate our strengths and determine how OSCPA should evolve for the future. Our work involved extensive research with a majority of members—both surveys and one-on-one conversations. Through all of these discussions, members emphasized OSCPA has a strong foothold in Ohio and nationally as a leading association that supports CPAs and positively impacts the public and business environment. We must not lose that advantage.

And we spent considerable time studying the huge impact disruption is having on businesses. Well known futurist and trends expert Jim Carroll said business is reaching a dramatic tipping point. The pace of change in this new digital society we’re all living and working in is taxing legacy businesses and leading to paralyzing fear for some. The success of organizations will be directly dependent on how fast they can react and innovate. That’s the lens we’ve used at the Society to map our future.

We also know companies are challenged by finding the right talent in a time of changing demographics. We believe OSCPA can play a larger role in attracting a larger and diverse group of young talent to the accounting profession and to lead the future of OSCPA as members.

Repositioning an organization is never an easy or clean process. It’s much like deciding to move from a house you’ve lived in for decades. It takes time to sort through each room with thoughtfulness and care, taking the best with you, and archiving things that no longer fit the future you’re building.

The Society has done just that—figuratively and literally. We’ve carefully evaluated where we’ve spent our time and resources, identified gap areas where your needs have changed, and are building new ways to drive more value for you. We’re overhauling our portfolio of learning opportunities and introducing different learning formats that increase understanding and retention of critical skills.

And we’ve expanded our suite of networking events at members’ request, giving you more ways to connect with peers and share solutions.

This spring, we moved into our new headquarters near Easton Town Center in Columbus. Echoing a trend many businesses are following, we designed our space with fewer walls and plenty of light, with open spaces that invite staff to pull up a seat and bounce ideas off of a colleague when the inspiration strikes.

We’re looking forward to welcoming members to our offices to see these positive changes at work. More important, I look forward to sharing how we are evolving to be a stronger partner and a vibrant, credible community of value for the 85,000 CPAs and accounting professionals and their organizations who are advancing business in Ohio. You can read more about where we’re headed on page 10. It’s the next chapter in a compelling story that you’re helping us write.

Scott D. Wiley, CAE
President & CEO
The Ohio Society of CPAs
614.321.2218 (office) 614.546.9430 (cell)
Twitter: @ScottDWiley
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/scottwileycae

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