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Written on Nov 21, 2016

Support The Ohio CPA Foundation’s 2016 Annual Fund Campaign

The Ohio CPA Foundation, in partnership with The Ohio Society of CPAs, is dedicated to supporting the CPA profession – now and for the future. By funding scholarships and programs that attract the 'best and brightest' to CPA career paths, the Foundation is helping ensure the profession is as vibrant and strong tomorrow as it is today.

These scholarships and programs, however, would not be possible without the support from generous Foundation donors.

“Gifts from individuals, CPA firms and other companies and organizations make everything we do possible,” said Karen West, executive director of The Ohio CPA Foundation. “That’s why the Annual Fund Campaign is so important. Every gift – large and small – is meaningful and significant to us. It means that we can continue the important work we’re doing to build the talent pipeline so critical to the future of the profession.”

With the school year well underway, that important work is in full swing.

This fall, the Foundation sponsored eight High School Accounting Career Day events around the state. Hosted on college campuses, these programs bring high school students and their teachers together for a day of learning about CPA career opportunities and the benefits of pursuing an accounting degree.

“Thank you for organizing this event,” said Teresa Gordon, teacher at Southwest Licking Local Schools. “My students came back fully energized. They are even asking if our school can offer an Accounting II class! Kudos to the guest speakers.”

High School Accounting Career Days are just one way the Foundation reaches students and inspires them to pursue accounting. Through this initiative and other programs including the Accounting Careers Awareness Program (ACAP-Ohio), ASPIRE and the Student Ambassador Program, the Foundation is focused on creating excitement for careers in accounting and helping students understand the important roles CPAs serve in today’s business world.

The Ohio CPA Foundation is the only organization in Ohio working to build the future of the profession. But we can’t do it alone. Your tax-deductible gift to the Foundation's 2016 Annual Fund Campaign plays a critical role in the continued success of these programs.

Making a gift to The Ohio CPA Foundation is easy.

•Go to and click on Donate Today,
•Call 614.764.2727, or
•Mail a check to The Ohio CPA Foundation, 4249 Easton Way, Suite 150, Columbus, OH 43219.

For more information, please contact Karen West at or 614.764.2727, ext. 2235.


What will your legacy be?

Have you considered how you can leave a lasting legacy? A planned gift to The Ohio CPA Foundation is a thoughtful way to ensure that the important work of the Foundation continues well into the future, all while establishing the legacy of your generosity and influence.

Perhaps you are nearing retirement and are thinking about how you want to be remembered for the impact you have made over the life of your career. Or maybe you desire to help students follow in your footsteps but aren’t sure how. For these and many other reasons, a planned gift to The Ohio CPA Foundation may be the vehicle for you to leave a lasting legacy.

Consider these options for a planned gift to The Ohio CPA Foundation:

A bequest is one of the most popular planned giving methods used by donors. It is a written statement in your will or living trust directing that specific assets, or a percentage of your estate, will be transferred to charity upon your death. Bequests can be for any dollar amount and made to any number of charitable organizations. We are happy to provide you with sample language should you choose to include a bequest to The Ohio CPA Foundation in your will.

Retirement plan or IRA
Naming The Ohio CPA Foundation as a beneficiary of a retirement plan or IRA can provide you with considerable tax savings, along with the ability to make a significant gift. This option merely involves obtaining a beneficiary designation form from the retirement plan administrator and naming the Foundation as the entire, or partial, beneficiary of the plan’s assets.

Life insurance
A gift of life insurance provides you the opportunity to make a gift at a sizable face value for a minimal outlay of cash. You may give an existing policy, either fully paid or partially paid, or a new policy. Similar to a retirement designation, the proposed gift is accomplished by naming The Ohio CPA Foundation as a beneficiary of the policy on the beneficiary designation form.

These are just a few options for planned giving. More information and additional options can be found on our Planned Giving page at We also recommend speaking with a financial adviser regarding your specific financial and philanthropic goals.

Recognizing your commitment
By making a planned gift to The Ohio CPA Foundation, you become a permanent member of the 1956 Legacy Society. As a member you will be recognized throughout your lifetime and beyond for your commitment.

Those who confirm their plans to make a legacy gift to the Foundation are among our most valued supporters. If you are interested in learning more, or if you have already included The Ohio CPA Foundation in your estate plans, please contact the Foundation at 614.764.2727 or

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