Thank you to 2016 CPA/PAC donors

Written on Jan 26, 2017

Sincere thanks to those who invested in the Ohio CPA Political Action Committee (PAC) in 2016. The support of all who contributed made a significant difference in OSCPA’s ability to represent your interests. You can see a complete list of those donors at

Relationships with legislators are a key to supporting the CPA profession, and Ohio CPA/PAC is a way you can help start the conversation – especially in a key election year.

“Ohio CPA/PAC helps the CPA profession elect candidates who philosophically agree with our probusiness, pro-economic growth mindset,” said Barbara Benton, OSCPA vice president of Governmental Relations. “If we can help these candidates get across the finish line in a tough race, they could well be the deciding vote on a tough issue vs. someone on the wrong side of our issue. There are many key issues that likely will impact the way you do business. For example, consider how much you would be paying right now if efforts to assess a sales tax on your audit or consulting fees were successful. OSCPA successfully opposed that tax, along with numerous others that would have hindered your operations and increased your cost of doing business.”

By financially supporting Ohio CPA/ PAC, you will help ensure that your voice continues to be heard and your interests represented. If you haven’t already done so this year, please ensure your professional interests are promoted and protected by contributing $50, $150, or whatever you can afford today. Without financial support from you and your peers, Ohio CPA/PAC’s ability to continue the strong track record it has achieved in the past – and the related improved tax and business climate - will be at risk.

For more information on Ohio CPA/PAC or to donate, contact the governmental relations department.

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