Key Contact objectives

Written on Feb 14, 2018

Key Contacts are CPAs who recognize the difference that individuals can make in the legislative process on behalf of the profession, their clients, and the public.

  • Represent the profession to one or more of your federal or state legislators.

  • Develop a personal, constituent relationship with the legislator based on mutual trust and respect. (As with any business relationship, it’s better if the legislator can put a face with a name. However, if you are more of a “I’m just comfortable sending a letter” person, that’s okay too.)

  • Know your legislator's political background, issue priorities, and committees he or she serves on.

  • Respond immediately to Action Alerts from OSCPA by contacting your legislator on the specified issues.

  • Reinforce the constituent relationship with your legislator by periodically communicating professional and nonprofessional issues that may be of interest to him or her and the staff.

  • Be aware of pending federal and state legislation that may affect the profession by reading OSCPA’s weekly news updates. Be prepared to discuss the impact on your practice, your clients, and the community (or let them know you’ll check and follow up).

  • Optional: attend political fundraising events for Ohio CPA/PAC when requested.

  • Provide feedback to the Governmental Affairs team about your discussions to assist OSCPA in developing legislative strategy and achieving objectives.
The responsibilities of a Key Contact are few and are not time-consuming. OSCPA carefully watches events in Columbus and Washington for you. We will call on you to act only when a "hot topic" arises where grassroots support for (or against) is necessary. We supply detailed materials that provide the necessary background so you can make personal visits to your legislator(s), or call or write regarding the topic.

The success of the profession's Key Contact Program is affected directly by how well Key Contacts understand and carry out their objectives.

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