We aren't alone & now is the time to stand together

The Ohio Society of CPAs takes seriously its leadership in elevating the importance of diversity and inclusion in advancing not just our profession, but also the state of business in Ohio and beyond our state’s borders. The values each of us holds individually and those we have collectively, combined with our proactive and shared commitment to assuring the CPA profession does all that is possible to be welcoming and inclusive, guide our work together. 

Ohio’s CPAs embrace the responsibility we have as America’s most trusted business advisors to not sit on the sidelines, but to be deliberate in our drive toward change. We recognize that social injustice and racism harm people and our ability to make economic opportunity accessible for all.  

We can do more – and we will – to bring a strong message of anti-racism to CPAs and to the business community. We will build on our past efforts by continuing to bring to the table experts in diversity and inclusion in the accounting profession, and we will put what we learn into action.

As leaders, we know that divergent points of view will be a part of this dialogue. And we realize that it is the individual stories of our members that shape experiences and perspectives. While it will not be an easy conversation, it’s the right one to have and the right time to have it.

OSCPA will use its position to boldly create new opportunities for tolerance, understanding and action. That is our obligation to our profession, to our members, to the clients and companies we serve, and to the communities where we live and work.


Scott D. Wiley, CAE                          
President & CEO


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  1. Kathy Castillo | Jun 02, 2020
    Auwe to racism!  We all need to show "aloha", especially during these challenging times.  Mahalo, Ohio!
  2. Jeannine Birmingham | Jun 01, 2020
    Nicely done Ohio!  There is no room for racial injustices.  

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