The business etiquette basics you should know

Written on Jul 11, 2017

When it comes the basics of business etiquette, a lot of the standard rules still apply, says Karen Hough, CEO of ImprovEdge.

“Number one that I think should never go away is a good thank you note,” Hough said. Others include a strong handshake and paying attention to the person you’re speaking with without constantly looking at your cell phone.

In the latest Professional Primer Series video, learn the business etiquette rules that can burnish your reputation as a solid professional. Along with Hough, business etiquette experts Bob Pacanovksy, founder and president of The Vation Group, and Tonya Tiggett, chief success strategist at Promoting University, LLC, discuss the etiquette rules that are changing and how can you embrace technology to communicate in business.

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