Health care news from around the web: September 4 – 8, 2017

Written on Sep 08, 2017

Ohioans warned about health department phone scam
Officials are warning Ohio residents about a phone scam that involves callers posing as state health department staff. The scam uses “caller ID spoofing technology” to make it appears calls are from credible numbers like the Ohio Health Department and at least one local department.

ACA repeal dead, but tax cuts likely coming: Andy Friedman
While full repeal of the ACA is all but dead, tax reform is very much alive and it is tax changes — namely reduced tax rates — that the markets are craving, according to political analyst and former tax attorney Andy Friedman.

Website upgrade leaks nearly 9,000 records at Illinois hospital as hacking incidents mount in August
A vendor-initiated software upgrade may have exposed the personal information of nearly 9,000 patients at Silver Cross Hospital outside of Chicago, underscoring privacy and security impact third-party associates can have on providers.

What's to come on health care reform effort in Congress
Republican hopes for repealing and replacing former the ACA are still alive, though barely. Leaders lack the votes and face a fresh obstacle - the Senate parliamentarian ruled Sept. 1 that Republicans only have the ability to dismantle the law with 51 votes until the end of the month.

Tech Corner – Ways to soup up your current car with tech
Adding the right technology to an older car can make it feel brand new. Here's where to start.

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