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Women's Initiatives The Ohio Society of CPAsMore than half of all CPAs are now women and professional opportunities are growing exponentially for all CPAs who enjoy a high level of trust and credibility among business executives and the public. That means women have plenty of opportunity to grow rewarding and successful careers at all levels in the profession. But women are still lagging behind their male peers when it comes to advancing into leadership and partner positions. 

The Ohio Society of CPAs Women’s Initiatives Group aims to explore societal and professional trends unique to the profession and to engage women CPAs and those who work with them in initiatives that will move women to greater CPA career success.

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Latest Women's Initiative's News:

  • Feb 13, 2018

    Women's Initiatives News Feb. 12-16.

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  • Feb 13, 2018

    Swedish study: Children hurt women’s earnings, but not men’s

    Scandinavia has always been held up as the gold standard of family-friendly benefits, but a new study shows it’s not the pinnacle of perfection previously thought. Despite generous social policies, Scandinavian women who work full-time there are still paid 15 percent to 20 percent less than men, a gender pay gap similar to that in the United States.
  • Jan 03, 2018

    Women's Initiatives News Jan 2-5.

    Here are some recent Women's Initiatives news stories from around the web.
  • Jan 03, 2018

    Report: The economy needs more working women

    Standard & Poor's chief U.S. economist says the U.S. would be in much better shape if women’s participation in the workforce hadn’t stalled in the 1990s.
  • Dec 20, 2017

    Survey: 42% of women report discrimination at work

    A new analysis by the Pew Research Center demonstrates that the inequities women face at work are driven not only by obvious forms of harassment, but by many other forms of discrimination.
  • Dec 15, 2017

    The impact of generation and gender on philanthropy

    A new report shows how women play a central role in philanthropy, leading charitable giving within their families, using their time and skills to advance causes within their communities and embodying the purpose and heart that underpin philanthropic goals.