Find out how to identify inherent challenges and industry risk while remaining compliant with external regulations, as well as internal policies and procedures.

Attend LIVE at the Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center in Columbus, or log on via WEBCAST from the location of your choice. You can also take advantage of the NEW FIC AND Ethics Bundle which partners in-person attendance to the event with on-demand Ethics.

The financial industry isn't what it used to be. Innovative technologies and changes in the way consumers manage finances are transforming the landscape at a rapid pace. Financial institutions need to acknowledge these disruptions and implement new ways of doing business to ensure sustainability and visibility in a competitive, consumer-driven marketplace. 

Can your business evolve with the trends or will it fall behind and become obsolete? 

If you're uncertain or just want to stay ahead of the trends, attend the 2018 Financial Institutions Conference. Leading industry experts will provide insight on:

  • Examining key regulatory themes affecting strategic, credit, operational and compliance issues.
  • Exploring economic trends, consumer markets and business innovations facing the industry.
  • Understanding of the implications of the new accounting standards and how it impacts financial reporting and performance.
  • Assessing how the new EU General Data Protection Regulation will affect other regulations in the industry.
Change is on the horizon and organizations will need to keep a close watch on developments and prepare for both near and long-term financial accounting challenges. Don't miss out on this valuable event - register today!



Schedule at a glance

General Opening Session: Developments Within the Enterprise Risk Profile (SK) (WEBCAST)

Ron Blanchard, CISA, senior manager, Crowe LLP

  • Explore how disruptions in the industry are positively and negatively affecting business models.
  • Understand the evolution of enterprise risk management.
  • Identify changes necessary for the overall management of data security.

Concurrent Sessions: Operations Track

Data Analytics and Transactional Analysis (SK) 

Speaker TBD

  • Discover the key areas where data analytics can give you the most value.
  • Learn insights from experts who have applied data analytics in their organizations.
  • Explore challenges and points to consider when building data analytics into your processes.

The Regulatory Environment (SK) 

Speaker TBD

  • Discuss trends in the overall regulatory environment for banks.
  • Analyze how key regulatory developments impact financial institutions.
  • Examine key regulatory themes affecting strategic, credit, operational and compliance.

Industry Outlook (SK) (WEBCAST)

Ben Ayers, senior economist, Nationwide

  • Explore economic trends, consumer markets and business innovation facing the industry.
  • Embrace challenges and opportunities that may arise as the industry prepares for a potential downturn.
  • Discover strategies that may be implemented with the shape of the environment over the next 5 years.

Concurrent Sessions: Accounting & Auditing Track

Accounting for Leases Under the New Standard: Are You Ready for Compliance? (AA) (WEBCAST)

Speaker TBD

  • Discuss how the lease standard impacts financial institutions.
  • Dive into the core principles of the new standard including identification, recognition, measurement, presentation and disclosure requirements.
  • Identify conversations and action steps necessary to prepare for smooth implementation.

Preparing for Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) Implementation  (AA) (WEBCAST)

David Heneke, CPA, CISA, principal, CliftonLarson Allen

  • Understand how the new accounting standard impacts financial reporting and performance.
  • Explore how the new CECL standard will change business models and identify best practices to implement the standard.
  • Review models and analyze results prior to implementation to gauge the impact of CECL and understand the expected effect of adoption.

Revenue Recognition: Exploring ASC 606 Implementation (AA) 

Speaker TBD

  • Learn how financial institution transactions and performance are affected by ASC 606.
  • Walk through necessary steps to implement the core principles and to identify appropriate recognition decisions.
  • Identify actions to take today to be prepared for future implementation.

General Closing Session: Deep Dive into the EU General Data Protection Regulation Impact (SK) (WEBCAST) 

Carlyn Devlin, managing director, Clark Schaefer Consulting
Jeffrey Pavelschak, director, Clark Schaefer Consulting

  • Understand the implications of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Identify the information you need in order to evaluate your institution's exposure.
  • Assess how this new regulation will impact other regulations in the industry.

Get updates on competency and regulation requirements while diversifying your knowledge base at the 2018 Financial Institutions Conference.