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December top ten: Overtime ruling top of mind

Written on Jul 31, 2020

The end of 2016 brought with it the likely end of proposed U.S. Department of Labor overtime rules – and plenty of interest in that story by OSCPA members.

Other top stories included a new requirement for electronic returns and an update on the impending filing season. Here is December’s top 10:

10. 2016 in review: Muni tax, CPE standards top of mind for members

9. Company deals with court decision on DOL overtime rule

8. Lame duck roundup: Stopgap unemployment comp fix on the table

7. Reminder: Dec. 15 muni tax payment deadline drawing near

6. Senate approves needed pass-through entity tax reform

5. Revised unemployment comp bill moving through the house

4. Ohio tax notes: ODT clarifies on driver’s license/ID number requirement

3. CPAs prepare for post-HB 5 filing season

2. ODT to require driver’s license, ID number on returns to fight fraud

1. Court ruling effectively kills DOL overtime rule