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PODCAST: The State of Business celebrates 100 episodes

Written on Sep 24, 2020

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA senior content manager 

The OSCPA podcast “The State of Business” is celebrating its 100th episode by recapping some of the most downloaded episodes, covering everything from a CPA sent to federal prison to how your business can implement blockchain. 

Some of the episodes recapped include: 


"These things don't just happen overnight,” said Helen Sharkey. “It's a very slow process, and it starts with standards and lines being crossed. And once that first line is crossed, then it accelerates the speed of the demise of standards within the company.” 

CPAs are known for upholding moral and ethical standards, but when Sharkey found herself pressured to cross ethical lines at work, it ended in her worst nightmare. 

Personal finances can be a struggle even for those in the accounting profession, as Beverly Harzog can attest. She passed the CPA exam and has a finance background, but still found herself in serious debt. 

“As I got into debt in my twenties, I gradually started learning more about personal finance,” said Harzog, now a credit card expert and consumer finance analyst for US News and World Report. “Which is very different from corporate finance in the sense that there was a lot I didn’t know.” 

“The word ‘blockchain’ is so hyped up,” said Sean Stein Smith, CPA, assistant professor at Lehman College. “Everyone is interested in it and it’s a new technology. Probably the top error I’ve seen and heard about is that firms are diving into it headfirst without first doing their homework.” 

Smith said it’s important to remember that everyone in the blockchain space is relatively new, so approaching it with little prior knowledge shouldn’t be a barrier to implementation. There are numerous resources available for those interested in learning more, especially as more firms began to integrate it into their business model.