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Crossing Bridges: Socializing inclusiveness throughout your organization

Written on Nov 12, 2020

By Nicole Fracasso, OSCPA communications intern 

LaFern Batie defines diversity as being specific to an organization’s composition and demographics. Inclusiveness is about creating a culture that makes those who work and serve the organization feel appreciated, accepted and valued. 

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“That’s reflected through your practices, through your policies and even the composition of your organization,” she said. “But it’s also reflected in the value that you deliver to your customers.” 

Batie, who is an author, speaker and owner of The Batie Group, will lead next week’s Crossing Bridges session where she will discuss how to gain traction on DE&I efforts and grow the initiatives within the organization. 

In addition, Batie will discuss what organizations are doing well with, what challenges they need to overcome and how to measure those results. 

“One piece that is extremely important – as all of them are – is effectiveness,” she said. “So, you take all this action and put more attention on areas that may not have been given attention in the past and you look at the overall effectiveness. Making sure there are no areas that are negatively impacted when you decide to broaden your focus to other areas in your organization.” 

Batie also said it’s beneficial for an organization to view DE&I as a business imperative. 

“Look at diversity and inclusion not through a narrow lens,” she said. “But I believe to an extent that we can consider a business imperative just as we do the financial performance of an organization, or just as we do marketing or client attraction and retention.” 

Batie also said she is most looking forward to helping participants look at the tools they have differently. 

“I’m all about being practical and making whatever insights I share be immediately applicable and have a powerful impact on how they lead more effectively,” she said. “I like being able to equip them with additional tools and techniques.” 

All in all, Batie said if there’s one takeaway the audience leaves with, she wants them to consider what it is they can do to make a difference and act on it. 

“What is the one action or one way of engaging that I can take responsibility for and act on consistently,” she said. 

Crossing Bridges continues next week on Nov. 17. Register here.