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Join Sara A. Studeny, CPA, owner of Swallen, Lawhun & Co. for a must-see exclusive OSCPA event!

Written on Dec 10, 2020


Learn critical tips and tricks from a fellow CPA to optimize your tax workflow software. 

Though it might feel like tax season just ended, next year’s busy season is right around the corner. You’ll need secure, cloud-based solutions and digital capabilities to help you deliver consistent and high-quality service to your clients. 

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This virtual demo, designed exclusively for Ohio CPA Society members, features Sara A. Studeny, CPA – Owner of Swallen, Lawhun & Co. teaming up with Thomson Reuters’ Keith Hall to share UltraTax CS best practices and time-saving tricks. 

You won’t have time to learn your tax software on the fly during tax season, so join us. After our session, you will have the knowledge and practical know-how you’ll need to enter the 2020 tax season confidently and ready to deliver accurate, efficient results for your clients. 

Prepare for the 2020 Tax Season with Thomson Reuters Tax Workflow featuring Sara A. Studeny, CPA – owner of Swallen, Lawhun & Co in partnership with Thomson Reuters 

Date: Dec. 17, 2-3 p.m. 

Registration Deadline: Dec. 16