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Enabling the digital transformation

Written on Mar 4, 2021

By Nicole Fracasso, OSCPA communications intern 

One benefit professionals have experienced during the pandemic has been more opportunities for growth and learning.

Sebastian Arce

“There are so many virtual classes that exist, and I think the pandemic has accelerated that,” said Sebastian Arce, senior manager at EY. “It’s a great opportunity to take advantage of those things. Go after something that you may not have had the time for before.” 

Arce will discuss the topic of digital transformation – and what that means now that almost everything is digital – on March 25 at OSCPA’s Strategic Finance and Accounting Virtual Conference. 

“I want to share some thoughts on how finance can help enable this, as well as include some experiences that I hope resonate and are helpful for the audience,” he said. 

Arce said he is looking forward to hearing from the participants, too. 

“I’m going to try to get people’s opinions a bit using polling,” he said. “But I’m also hoping one or two might want to come on the microphone and share their experiences. Hopefully, it’s interactive and I’ll learn from them, too.” 

In addition, Arce said he hopes the audience can move theory into action when they leave the session. 

“I hope they’re really able to go back with something they actually can apply,” he said. “I prefer when I go into a class that I can take action immediately.” 

Given the circumstances of this past year, Arce said he is grateful for day-to-day experiences. 

“I think that we’re going to be even more grateful about the day-to-day as I think about what we’ve all lived through,” he said. “Sometimes we’re all so focused on what comes next that we forget the little things. I’ll definitely take that into the future.” 

To learn more from Arce, register for the Strategic Finance and Accounting Virtual Conference on March 25!