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OSCPA Executive Board approves changes to bylaws

Written on Apr 1, 2021

The OSCPA Executive Board voted unanimously on Feb. 24 to approve a package of bylaws amendments for publication to the membership. The amendments streamline membership procedures, rename affiliate membership classes, and align board naming and structure to best practices. 

Membership admission procedures were previously delayed by a publication requirement. The proposed revisions allow staff to notify the Board of potential reasons for denying membership, rather than requiring a member letter-writing campaign. The proposed revisions also codify the existing practice of not providing refunds for a mid-year membership termination or resignation. 

Previous descriptions of Affiliate membership classes were confused by emerging definitions of affiliates, and the Board proposes renaming Affiliates “Non-CPA Members.” Non-CPA Members would not have voting rights. 

The proposed amendments would change the name of the Executive Board to the Board of Directors, and the Board officers would become the Executive Committee to conform to common practice. 

The Formation of Sections article of the bylaws is being eliminated as the identification of specialties meriting sections was determined to be an operational matter. 

Sections of the bylaws were reorganized to include governance committees under the Board and to relocate the Professional Ethics Committee to the disciplinary article. 
Revisions to the OSCPA bylaws require an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Executive Board and are published to the membership. If sixty days after publication, written objections are not received by the President from at least 3% of the members eligible to vote on the first day of the current fiscal year, the amendment(s) shall be accepted and be incorporated into the bylaws. 

Please contact Laura Hay, CPA, Executive Vice President, at with any comments or questions on the proposed bylaws amendments.