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OSCPA member among The Cleveland 500

Written on Apr 15, 2021

By Nicole Fracasso, OSCPA communications intern 

Cleveland Magazine this year recognized a group of influential business leaders as their inaugural “Cleveland 500.” Among these visionaries is OSCPA member Brandon Miller, CPA, CGMA, CEO of HW&Co. 

“To me, I always feel like Cleveland is kind of a small town, which allows for a great place to network because you have the ability to show up at events and recognize people,” he said. 

Man smiling for camera.

Miller started at HW&Co as an intern in 1996 and as of January 2020, took over as CEO. 

“I think I was put in this role to really help the other partners here at the firm grow. It has only been 15 months, and 12 of those months, we’ve been in COVID,” Miller said. “I’m pretty proud of the fact that we helped everyone adapt to a remote work environment and continue to help and serve our clients.” 

Miller said that when he started in the profession, he wanted to be a CFO – not a CEO. He knew going into public accounting would put him on the path to success. 

“The reason I went into public accounting was because I knew I could go into different businesses and see how they operate and learn from CFOs,” he said. “I started to realize that what really inspired and motivated me every day was going to all these different businesses and talking to them about what they’re doing to be successful.” 

In addition, Miller also said one of his favorite parts about being a CPA is using his expertise to help clients grow. 

“One of the key things of being a CPA is not only do we feel like we’re businesses advisors, but the reciprocal back from the client, that they see us as a trusted business advisor,” he said. “They really respect what we do and what we say.” 

All in all, Miller said he is most appreciative of his colleagues at HW&Co for helping him get where he is today. 

“I think what got me to the Cleveland 500 was our team. I have so many great partners in our office, they have done such a good job in training everyone,” he said. “Even our founders. I can’t go through every name, but I think what’s neat is we have a team aspect here which ultimately allowed me to get to this level and to get this recognition."