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PODCAST: DEI and mental health

Written on Jun 17, 2021

By Gary Hunt, CAE, OSCPA director of content strategy & media 

Margaret Finley CPEC, CDP, OSCPA’s diversity, equity & inclusion strategist, describes her start at OSCPA as a “whirlwind.” First the coronavirus pandemic shut down workplaces just months after she started. 

Then, in May, George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, beginning a nationwide discussion of racial justice issues. 

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“That, I think, for diversity, equity and inclusion, was certainly a turning point, because all of a sudden you had a situation where people became very aware of the issue around racism, and social justice and inequality.” 

Finley joined us on this week’s episode of The State of Business Podcast, in which she reflects on the incident and discusses the impact that it, the pandemic and other events of the past year have had on mental health. 

She said the incident “highlighted the need to focus on diversity, equity and inclusion now.” 

“Before the George Floyd situation happened, we were struggling to get members and companies and firms involved in that work,” Finley said. “When that happened, we started getting calls from people who wanted to get involved. We saw participation in our sessions start to increase.” 

Listen to the episode now to learn more, including the commitment OSCPA has made to help create a business environment that offers equal opportunity to all. And read more about this topic in the May/June issue of CPA Voice