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CFO to Young CPAs on giving back ‘It’s never too early and you’re never too young’

Written on Jul 12, 2018

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA content manager

DreamBigKyleFinding extra time in your schedule for philanthropy can be tricky when you’re a busy professional. But Kyle Bickhart, CPA, CFO of the Ohio Society of CPAs, urged Young CPAs to make volunteering a career priority.

“I’ve been able to give back and learn a lot, too,” he said, of his own experience working with the North Market, a popular, authentic public market of independent merchants, grocers and restaurateurs. Bickhart spoke to the Columbus Young CPAs as part of the Dream Big Luncheon series, events that highlight different careers and opportunities for young accounting professionals.

Along with Rick Harrison Wolfe, the North Market executive director, Bickhart offered insight into what it’s like to work with a 501(c)(3) organization. He has served on The North Market Development Authority Board for eight years, spending time as treasurer and as president for three years.

“You all work hard,” Bickhart, now past president, said. “But try to find a few hours here and there to give back to your community in this way. It makes a world of difference.”

Bickhart was in a unique position as a board member because he was instrumental in developing plans for the North Market to go from a two-story building into a 35-story mixed-use skyscraper. He said he learned tremendously from working with developers and navigating city legislation to move the project forward.

While the Young CPAs enjoyed lunch, Bickhart spoke about gaining knowledge on the details of fundraising and development processes. He said this board position helped him make connections with people in a variety of industries.

Wolfe issued a call to action to the young CPAs and encouraged them to get involved in causes outside of work. He said because the North Market operates with a lean team, board members play a crucial role in making the organization successful.

“It’s been an honor to be on the board,” Bickhart said. “It’s never too early and you’re never too young.”

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