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Nurturing brand advocates through social media

Written on Aug 2, 2018

By Molly Ryan Kowaleski, OSCPA PR & Engagement Manager

Organizations are increasingly using social media to reach their key audiences – a trend DooleyMthat is sure not to slow down any time soon. In fact, it will likely only continue to evolve even faster as brands get smarter.

That’s easy enough for the Buzzfeeds and McDonalds of the world, but what about smaller organizations and their clients with a smaller digital footprint? It can be hard to keep up and cut through all the noise.

Think about your typical social media experience – there are a couple pictures of dogs or cats, maybe someone you know got married or bought a house. Someone else probably tried a new brand of granola bars or ordered something unsatisfactory from an online retailer. Throw in a few news headlines and the latest political scandal. And, before you know it there are maybe 3-5 things you remember and about 25-50 you have already forgotten.

Compounding this issue for brands is the fact that humans are extremely adept at recognizing advertisements. TiVo never would have been invented if this was not the case. So, for brands looking to promote their products and services online, what can be done?

That’s where Matthew Dooley, founder and CEO of Dooley Media, comes in. Dooley will be at the Cincinnati Accounting Show in September and the Cleveland Accounting Show in October to share ways organizations can use brand advocates, AKA their own fans and followers, to produce authentic, cutting-through-the-noise content that will resonate with their target audiences.

Dooley also spoke at the Dayton Accounting Show in May about the importance of social media when it comes to client relationships, which you can check out here.

Register for the Cincinnati Accounting Show or Cleveland Accounting Show now to satisfy your professional standards in tax or A&A while diversifying your knowledge base in key areas, such as marketing and social media.