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ABO issues CPA renewal notice

Written on Sep 13, 2018

The Accountancy Board of Ohio has issued its required triennial renewal notice. CPAs whose license is scheduled to expire on Dec. 31 may renew beginning Oct. 2.

Also on Oct. 2, license fees move to $180/three-year permit and $85/three-year registration. Oct. 31 is the registration deadline for renewing attest firms

How to renew in eLicense Ohio

  1. Go to eLicense Ohio.
  2. For account security, you might be prompted to change your password on a schedule set by the state of Ohio. Login and locate your license on your dashboard, click OPTIONS, and select RENEW. You will be prompted to complete and verify additional information and answer specific questions.
  3. Click SAVE and CONTINUE at the bottom of each page as you progress through the site.
    • If you are employed by or the owner of a registered public accounting firm, you must renew a Permit – Employed in Public Accounting.
    • If you use the CPA/PA designation, and/or sign documents as a CPA/PA, you must renew a Permit.
    • If you are not employed in public accounting, do not use the CPA/PA designation, and sign no documents as a CPA/PA, you may renew with a Non-Practicing Registration. Note that if you hold a registration, you may use the designation “CPA Inactive,” or “PA Inactive.”
  1. Once complete, you will be taken to a payment page. Upon confirmation of payment, you will receive an emailed receipt and renewal confirmation with attached wallet card.

Those who are having trouble logging into the system can call the State of Ohio Customer Service Center at 614.644.6860 or 877.644.6860.

Licensees can update their contact information at any time, submit name changes or additional documentation and request a license wallet card via their eLicense Dashboard.

The renewal process now permits licensees to change their license status at the time of renewal. Individuals who move from a non-practicing registration (inactive license) to a practicing permit will need to submit their CPE for verification to the Board once they have renewed their credentials.

The online renewal process will remain up and running to allow licensees to renew after the Dec. 31 deadline. All licensees who renew a permit or permit-employed in public accounting will need to submit their CPE for verification if they renew after the Dec. 31 deadline.

Finally, in certain circumstances, the board is permitting individuals to renew their license with a paper application, and submit payment via check. These licensees need to request a paper application in writing before the renewal deadline, and the submission must be postmarked by Dec. 31.