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Advance attendees learn, grapple with accounting’s big issues

Written on May 9, 2019

By Abigail Draper, OSCPA communication and engagement manager

Attendees at this spring’s Advance program said they appreciated the fast pace of new ideas presented in a format they continue to enjoy.

“I’ve been to 15 (Advance sessions) over the years and the presentation has always been similar with new topics,” said Kevin Strab, CPA, MBA, “so I appreciate the consistency, but it never gets stale.”

Advance is a program created by the Ohio Society of CPAs to provide members a free, twice-annually, in-person update on the industry. OSCPA President & CEO Scott Wiley, CAE, challenges attendees to learn and open their minds to new ideas and industry advancements.

The Spring 2019 program covered everything from the marijuana industry to talent acquisition and retention. The goal is to provide members with an update on the industry and all things that could affect them and their clients in 2019.

Kristi Weaver, CPA, said live polls helped engage the audience and determine where they stand on professional issues.

“I really enjoyed the interactivity of the polls,” Weaver said.

One question was, “What profession-related topic do you feel least knowledgeable about today?” 51% of attendees polled during this session said cryptocurrency. Luckily, this was one of the topics covered in the presentation.

Wiley discussed the new JP Morgan JPM coin and the drop in Bitcoin’s value from more than $19,700 for one bitcoin on Dec. 17, 2017, to around $3,500 in February 2019.

Abbey Martin, CPA, said the biggest takeaway for her was the discussion about the potential path to the CPA exam for data scientists and other relevant tech fields.

Attendees shared a variety of opinions at their tables and with the entire audience.

This issue still is in the earlier stages of discussion nationally, both the CPA profession and those who regulate it. If you missed the live sessions, OSCPA is offering webcasts of the presentation on May 15, May 30 and June 7. Learn more.