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OSCPA, Goldman honored for learning efforts

Written on Jul 31, 2020
Josh GoldmanJosh Goldman, OSCPA’s VP of Learning has been named as a 2016 Learning Business Leadership Award Recipient by Tagoras, Inc.

The award is in recognition of his efforts to discover new ways to provide value to learners and develop innovative educational offerings, said Tagoras managing director Jeff Cobb.

"While many organizations are content with delivering the educational offerings they have always delivered or making only incremental changes, Josh and his OSCPA colleagues clearly recognize that sustainability and success now require much more,” Cobb said. “The learning landscape has changed dramatically, and businesses that thrive in the coming years will be those that are able to redefine their value proposition to align with rapidly evolving learning needs, as OSCPA has.”

Tagoras provides advisory services, publications and educational events for organizations that offer continuing education and professional development. It created the award to recognize leaders who are doing exemplary work in the area of continuing education, professional development and lifelong learning.

"We have tremendous opportunities to both create and capture value despite the fact that many of us are experiencing disruption in our markets and business models,” Goldman said. “I appreciate the work Tagoras is doing to bring together a community of professionals, who have the voice and force to drive the value of learning."