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Learning bundles return

Written on Dec 17, 2020

OSCPA’s popular year-end learning bundles are back, just in time to help you finish your year-end CPE! 

This bundle covers accounting standard updates includes delays to the effective dates of revenue recognition and leases, the standards effective for 2020 for public entities and private entities. Next, we dive into the requirements for independence included in the AICPA’s Code of Professional Conduct and common audit deficiencies. Lastly, you’ll learn the implications of blockchain technology and digital assets on audit and assertions services. Learn more

This bundle covers the changes to Yellow Book and Single Audits. We will review the major changes auditors need to know when performing audits under GAGAS (Yellow Book or Government Auditing Standards). Areas of focus include the updated independence requirements, form and organization of the guidance, and quality control. We’ll then review accounting standards issued by the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) that have been recently issued as well as those that will be effective in the near future. In addition to reviewing the standards, we will also focus on implementation strategies and challenges. Learn more

This bundle helps increase your competitive edge and move toward an intelligent enterprise by harnessing automation (RPA) within your accounts payable & receivable tasks to increase operational efficiency and enhance customer experience. Additionally, gives context to robotic process automation (RPA) via the use of performance-based, task-centered problems. Learn to identify potential uses for robotic process automation within the tax function including the benefits, considerations, and the decision criteria involved in an RPA implementation. Learn more