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OSCPA member graduates from AICPA Leadership Academy

Written on Jan 14, 2021

By Nicole Fracasso, OSCPA communications intern 

Each year, the AICPA selects 30 professionals with a strong ethic of leadership and service to participate in their annual Leadership Academy. Among the 30 participants who took part last fall is OSCPA member and Toledo City Council Member Katie Moline, CPA. 

“It’s really an honor to be accepted into the program,” she said. 

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While the program would typically take place in person, they had to shift it to a virtual conference given the circumstances of 2020. However, Moline said it was still a phenomenal experience. 

“For what we still were able to accomplish, I think everyone got their money’s worth and got the same experience as you might have if it were in person,” she said. 

In addition, Moline said there were three big highlights that resonated with her from the program. The first highlight was getting leadership training from people who professionalize in the area and work for Fortune 500 companies. 

“Being able to have access to that was incredible,” Moline said. 

She said the second highlight was meeting CPAs in her age group with the common goal of making the profession better. 

“You are able to really commiserate, bond, network and help each other in this journey together,” Moline said. 

Third, she said she appreciated getting to know the AICPA leadership structure as well as being able to have one-on-one conversations with leaders from different state organizations. 

“Those are really the three best parts from the whole experience that just melded so nicely together,” Moline said. “I think that’s why this program gets so much positive feedback because they found a way to make it seamless and productive for those participating in it.” 

In addition, Moline said her biggest takeaway from the program was focusing on bringing herself to the next level within her career as well as the relationships she built. 

“I also can’t dismiss that I now have 29 new friends in my profession. We still meet monthly on Zoom calls and I really feel like these are my friends and they get my position,” she said. “It’s a real trusting environment. There is this space that is created that allows you to be vulnerable, to grow and learn and teach each other.”