The Big Picture

Over the next three years, The Ohio Society will dedicate leadership, time and resources to realizing this commitment. Along the way, we hope to be a diversity + inclusion influencer and resource to other Ohio businesses, especially those that value diversity + inclusion, but are not yet engaged in specific, actionable strategic endeavors.

We also will measure progress as we move toward intended outcomes, remaining open-minded and flexible as we build relationships and work with members and others to move this strategy from vision to reality.

If there’s a topic we’ve overlooked or a question you have regarding the D+I arena, feel free to reach out to Margaret Finley, OSCPA's diversity + inclusion strategist and consultant at


Our Commitment

To advance the state of business in Ohio, The Ohio Society of CPAs models inclusion and embraces the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of those with whom we work and exist to serve.

While a breadth of backgrounds and perspectives is important, we are especially concerned with accounting professionals, current and future CPAs, and their Ohio employers. Much of the current “path to the profession” narrative no longer fits the future that Ohio businesses are building, so we will create space for important conversations to flourish and grow.

We will provide diversity and inclusion leadership where it is needed in The Ohio Society’s governance, membership, operations, and programs, resulting in the delivery of culturally effective service and value to all members and stakeholders who look to us for leadership and support.  

D+I Initiatives 

D+I Services 

  • Culture Assessment
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Training (Webinars, Workshops)/Train the Trainer
  • Evaluations, Assessments and Measurements
  • D+I Maturity Curve/Sustainability Plans
  • Focus Group Facilitation (Issue-based)


How we define and talk about diversity + inclusion is every bit as important as what initiatives we undertake to meet our objectives. In alignment with effective D+I practices, OSCPA intentionally distinguishes between “diversity” and “inclusion” rather than using the terms interchangeably. Our terminology includes:

Diversity refers to the composition of a group of people from any number of demographic backgrounds, identities (innate and selected), and the collective strength of their experiences, beliefs, values, skills, and perspectives.   

Inclusion is the act of establishing philosophies, policies, practices, and procedures to ensure Ohio businesses and individuals contributing to the organization’s success have a level playing field to compete, and equal access to opportunities, information, and resources that help them share in driving the organization’s growth and value.

Latest Diversity + Inclusion News: