BaCo Tech

      BaCo Tech is a dynamic accounting solution that sits as middleware to manage all your clients books in a single location regardless of what accounting package they have. It also allows you to seamlessly import into your tax suite. So when February rolls around, we can file your returns at the click of a button. Now, we can focus on preparing your business for the future. 


1.     No Manual Data Entry: BaCo Tech's proactive tax workflow allows for CPAs to make adjustments throughout the year as client activity occurs. When it comes time to file you can push the client data straight into the return and file without the need to re-enter data in your tax software.

2.     Proactive Alerts About Client Activity: By integrating directly with a client's accounting records we are able to provide users with real-time alerts and notifications based on tax and accounting significant activity. Those alerts do not just give an accountant the ability to see the activity, but also the ability to take action on it within our workflow to push directly back to their client's records or to a tax return, without opening another software.

3.     Centralized & Automated Data Gathering: CPAs spend upwards of 40% of their time gathering client accounting data. BaCo Tech automates that process by gathering all of a firm's clients' real-time accounting information each and every day and delivers it to the CPA in a centralized log in.

4.     Preemptive Problem Solving: By having access to real-time information, and receiving alerts on important client activity, CPAs are able to see issues as they occur and help a client navigate through those challenges before they become problematic.

5.     Real-Time Relationships: All of the automation that we deliver gives a CPA and their clients the ability to have a real-time relationship based off current year activity, not one that is looking back at last year. CPAs and their clients can work on this years taxes, this year.

6.     Higher Fees, Better Value: The real-time relationships will lead to more service options for CPAs to provide their clients, which is truly what small-business owners are looking for - advisory services from a knowledgeable professional.


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