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New leaders need to understand that what they say and do will carry more weight in their organizations.

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How can entry level accountants get experience when their life situation does not allow for an internship?

Posted on Thursday, March 14, 2019 by Jessica Salerno

Obtaining an accounting degree is hard, plain and simple. Passing the CPA and CMA exams isn’t any easier.

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Do small firms and sole practitioners have the skills and knowledge to work with blockchain accounting and cryptocurrency?

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Home ownership has declined in recent years and college graduates are increasingly choosing to leave rural communities. Turns out those trends might be related.

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A 2017 survey on African-Americans in accounting compared results from 2006 and while improvements were found, a lot needs to change if the profession wants to reflect the diverse communities it serves.

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Connecting with people remains the true bottom line.

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The report “Make Way for Gen Z: Identifying What Matters Most to the Next Generation," from The International Federation of Accountants polled more than 3,000 individuals from ages 18 to 23 on a wide range of topics, including their own careers.

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When I talk to my peers about being an accounting major I get the typical responses that I must be good with “crunching numbers” and enjoy just “sitting behind a desk” and staying to myself. The reality is that half of the skills necessary for the profession are soft skills and business acumen, which are often learned outside of a classroom.

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In looking to attract young people, the key to setting the profession apart from competitors might be how quickly employers embrace helping pay down their employees’ student loans.

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Aside from teaching appropriate table manners and entertaining kids for exactly 23 minutes, here are two reasons "Fancy Nancy" deserves two thumbs up from the accounting world.

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Associations and businesses are finding they need to engage Gen Z students at the high school level to give them time to commit their full college career to their specialized degree.

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As the profession continues to improve in employing and retaining a diverse workforce, it’s essential to reach diverse students at the secondary education level and the post-secondary education level who are considering accounting.