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Written on May 23, 2016

OSCPA staff report

We’re living in a world where mobile phone apps have radically changed the business models in the sectors of transportation, lodging, broadcast media and more. It’s the age of disruption, says The Ohio Society of CPAs CEO & President Scott Wiley, CAE, and in addition to seeing their business change, CPAs have the chance to be a driving force. “In today’s world, disruption is the new reality,” Wiley said. “The Ohio Society of CPAs is a community of diverse peers for 85,000 CPAs and accounting professionals in Ohio. We’re providing solutions that support CPAs in advancing the state of Ohio business.”

The Ohio Society of CPAs is launching a new mission and brand to reflect the opportunities of a new business world.

How we got here
Starting in 2014, OSCPA launched a research project to understand where our strengths lie and how we can better position the Society to support members in the future. Because the business environment is so complex, we wanted to make sure we fully understood the day-to-day day challenges CPAs face so we could build more relevant solutions that evolve as the world is changing.

The work started with in-depth research by an independent consultant paired with one-on-one conversations with members, former members, and those who were never members.

Members said:
• “We drive business. Thus we drive Ohio.”
• “We need to be the organization for all accountants, not just Ohio accountants.”
• “Boldly driving sustainable growth that enhances the credential, the holder of the credential, and the employer.”
• “It’s not just about accounting, it’s about making my people better business people.”

They also told us that though 85% are satisfied with how OSCPA supports them today, most don’t turn to OSCPA for help in solving their professional challenges. “We recognize that as a huge area of opportunity for OSCPA,” Wiley said, “especially for CPAs leading larger teams at the firm and corporate level.” Wiley noted that employers in particular are challenged today with finding and keeping the best talent, and developing them in an era of changing demographics and employee expectations for how organizations are helping to develop rewarding careers.

Other pain points for CPAs include increasing regulatory oversight and how to efficiently operate and grow a business in today’s disruptive marketplace.

A new direction:
A mission and vision are fundamental to any organization – the litmus test for deciding what initiatives it will tackle and the programs and services it will offer and to whom. At the core, for OSCPA it’s what members say it should be, and their voice became clear through our research—OSCPA needs to focus on serving CPAs, and helping them succeed as strategic advisors who are advancing business in all sectors.

Our mission:
“To empower CPAs and related professionals to drive value as trusted business advisors by fostering professional excellence and integrity, building community and advocating for members and those they serve.”

Our vision:
“The Ohio Society of CPAs is the leading partner and influential voice for a thriving business environment.”

These represent why OSCPA exists. We work through the accounting profession to advance the state of business so Ohio can enjoy a healthy and sustainable economic environment. We are a hub of business knowledge, education, advocacy and community for our members and their colleagues, ultimately working with over 100,000 individuals in boardrooms, leadership, policy venues and academia.

We have the gravitas of more than 100 years and 22,000 members. We are driven by our values in professionalism, excellence, effectiveness and diversity. The result is an active, well-respected organization investing in innovative learning, energetic events and vigorous regulatory relationships.

“OSCPA is a catalyst for leading advocacy initiatives that strengthen Ohio’s business climate and make it easier for CPAs to do what they do best – build solutions that put Ohio companies on the map,” Wiley said. We also introduced a new logo to communicate our bold new direction for the profession. Combined, its spectrum of colors represents the vibrancy and diversity of the accounting profession.

“We believe a diverse and inclusive accounting profession is not an option, but a requirement,” Wiley said. “Today’s business realities demand it. That’s why we’re attracting top young talent to become the business drivers of Ohio’s future.”

Finally, we are reimagining the magazine you are now holding through the lens of OSCPA’s new brand. In the new CPA Voice, you can look forward to articles on the latest trends, opinion pieces, advocacy updates, professional advice and more. In addition to learning new information, you’ll get the perspectives being discussed by your peers.

Its new, open design reflects our changing membership and allows us to tailor our story design and content to you.

CPA Voice, is not only a reflection of our current membership, but also what we aspire our organization’s future to be.

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