Letter from the CEO: What 3 things will you do well this year?

Written on Mar 21, 2017

For the past year, our staff has been engaged in measuring progress and reporting results at the macro and micro levels.

We’ve been applying a laser-focused view to our work across the organization—from how well we deliver value to you through specific programs, to progress made in meeting goals for internal operations, Society governance and risk management. We are ‘focusing on focusing’…. a not-so-strategic term for being more selective with where and how we spend time and resources.

Why is focusing important? Early in my career, a new boss and mentor told me, “the smartest executives in the world can do five things well. So what three things are you going to do?”

His words were both an important reality check and a lesson I’ve carried with me over the years. The most successful organizations and people don’t succeed by trying to do everything they possibly could. They set priorities and goals and stick to the plan.

We are going into our third year of an annual strategic planning process at the Society. Many of our goals carry forward from year to year because they are multi-phased initiatives approved by the Society’s volunteer leaders. And we are fine tuning the metrics our team uses to show where and how much we’re moving the needle on specific goals like growing the talent pipeline in Ohio, expanding our acumen around being more diverse and inclusive, and putting a comprehensive enterprise risk management framework in place that protects OSCPA from any number of potential harms. These could be a data breach, financial loss or a reputational risk that could hurt the credibility of the profession.

Everyone on staff is engaged in activities that are directly tied to specific goals. Each month, they are reporting progress and uncovering new ways to analyze the impact of our efforts so that we can shift our energy to leveraging opportunities that create more value for you.

For the new fiscal year which begins in May, we’re focusing our priorities in four areas:

Human Capital — We will invest in premier talent (people and resources) to execute OSCPA’s envisioned future.

Emerging Business Model — As the marketplace shifts, member feedback and innovation in core business lines is guiding how OSCPA delivers value. We clearly recognize our market includes individual members and the businesses that employ them. Our goal is to partner with and help employers of CPAs and related professionals advance their own businesses through exceptional learning and professional development, timely content and business solutions and by facilitating critical business connections for their people.

Ensuring Tomorrow — To ensure the profession’s role as the trusted advisor to business, OSCPA must create value by increasing the diversity and pool of talented CPAs and accounting majors in the workforce pipeline.

Premier Business Climate — As a leader and influencer in the profession, OSCPA will continue to shape critical issues in an increasingly complex and competitive business environment. That includes advancing important legislative and regulatory changes and promoting and protecting the value of the CPA credential.

If you agree that focus is critical to moving your business and career forward, what three things will you do well this year?

Scott Wiley, CAE
President & CEO
The Ohio Society of CPAs
(614) 764-2727, ext. 2218 (office)
(614) 546-9430 (cell)
Twitter: @ScottDWiley
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/scottwileycae

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