Ohio CPAs leave their mark for the future

Written on Jul 19, 2017

Bob Fay, CPA, feels fortunate to be a part of the CPA community and the profession.

“I’ve never taken it for granted,” Fay said, “because I worked very hard to earn my CPA designation.”

His sentiments are shared by the charter members of The Ohio CPA Foundation’s 1956 Legacy Society. By pledging to support the future of the profession through a planned gift, these members not only play an important role in the Foundation’s future, but also remain a part of its history.

What does the Foundation mean to you personally?
“Having long seen The Ohio CPA Foundation’s successful efforts to recruit top students to our CPA profession, I want to do more than contribute my annual gifts. My gift to the 1956 Legacy Society means long-term support for our profession to attract top talent. Each year, it gives me great joy to see the smiles of the students who receive scholarships from The Ohio CPA Foundation. My gift means those smiles will continue!”

Jan Culver, CPA

Why is it important to build the pipeline of future CPAs?
“Alignment of talent to the needs of the profession is a journey, not a destination. It is ever-changing. We must continue to attract individuals committed to the professional standards of integrity, independence and objectivity—where collective good trumps self interest. Trust and confidence in financial matters and financial reporting are the foundation of a strong society.”

Jerry Esselstein, CPA

What is it about The Ohio CPA Foundation that appeals to you as a donor?
“Young adults form their opinions, behaviors and plans for the future in their late adolescent years. Therefore, educating and guiding them through accounting – and more importantly, business – hopefully will influence their decision about entering our profession. And, if The Ohio CPA Foundation does well, it provides a basis for these individuals to respect our profession, as they look for guidance in the business world, even if they decide to pursue a different career.”

Paul Etzler, CPA

What prompted you to consider the Foundation in planning your estate?

“The reputation of the CPA credential today was built because of CPAs from 30, 40, 50, 60 years ago. By supporting the Foundation as part of the 1956 Legacy Society, I want to propel that so in 50 years from now, the CPA will have an even stronger foundation.”

Bob Fay, CPA

Why did you decide to join the 1956 Legacy Society?
“I am proud to be a part of the 1956 Legacy Society. The Foundation has changed as its and The Ohio Society's needs have. The members have kept it a dynamic force in the organization. Hopefully my support will assist in fulfilling its important goals.”

Vic Feldmiller

What does the future of the profession look like and how does the Foundation play a role?
“Accountants have a big impact on the economy of America and its people. We need to have a succession of CPAs for the future.”

Ranjan Manoranjan, CPA

Why should CPAs consider a planned gift to the Foundation?
“We’re asking CPAs to consider what they can do to ensure continuity of the profession. How has the profession benefited you, and how can you benefit others in the future by providing that awareness and support?”

Press Southworth

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