What CPAs need to know: Career trends in 2018

Written on Dec 07, 2017

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA content manager

CareerTrends1712No matter which stage of your career you are in, there is always opportunity to grow and develop into a stronger professional. Stay on top of these trends in 2018 to better manage your career in the new year and beyond.

Leadership style

Companies are recognizing there is more than one way to be a leader by embracing different leadership styles. There is no one-size-fits-all leadership approach, so while you should take cues from those you respect, work to develop a leadership style that feels true to you. Showing vulnerability, deftly navigating office politics and properly handling a work disagreement are all ways to develop your leadership skills.

Prioritize wellness

One of the most popular topics of the year, mental well being, will only become more important. According to Deloitte, 84% of employees have experienced physical, psychological, or behavioral symptoms of poor mental health where work was a contributing factor. Consider things such as scheduling wellness into your day, thoroughly decompressing after work  and doing a self-check to know when you might need a mental health day.


With busy season peeking its head around the corner, the possibility of burnout never seems far behind. In a study Forbes did with Kronos, they found “almost half of HR leaders say employee burnout is responsible for up to half of annual workforce turnover.” As you create goals for the upcoming year, keep your eye out for burnout in your employees, peers and yourself. And if you’re feeling burnt out already, consider how to recover. This is also where mental health comes into play. Giving employees a chance to take mental health days and other breaks designed to help them recharge will go a long way in ensuring retention.

Consider email practices

Email is still one of the most common ways professionals communicate, and the way you do it – from emailing while you’re on vacation to writing too much or too little – matters. Despite this, no one necessarily wants to spend more time on their email. Consider ways you can cut down on the amount of time you spend emailing. And of course, it’s important to stay aware of email cyber attacks. Stay vigilant for suspicious attachments and avoid clicking on any malicious link.

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