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Written on May 10, 2018

Certified follows a group of aspiring CPAs on their journey to prepare for and take the CPA exam. This is part four of Kimberly Price’s story, which began in August 2016. Read the first parts here.

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA content manager

Kimberly PriceStress relief is important – especially when you expect a stressful experience to last 18 months.

Once Kimberly Price passes her first section of the CPA exam, the clock will start ticking on the 18 months she has to pass the other three. She normally works out to help alleviate stress, and she recently has taken up a new fitness class.

“You get a good sweat in and get a better mindset,” she said.

Price has been brooding over her previously failed Audit (AUD) section, and attributes this to nerves over her upcoming Business and Environmental Concepts (BEC) section. The way she’s studying for BEC is different now, but she said it reminds her of studying for her MBA the previous year, which is helpful. Although she’s a few days behind on her schedule, Price has built in a week of buffer time in case anything unexpected distracts her.

“There are some nights—especially on an assignment where it says, ‘This will take you 20 minutes’ and it takes me an hour—that I just get frustrated,” Price said. “There are moments where I’m thinking, ‘I just need this over with,’ but I have so much more to do.”

Her habit of waking up early for her workout class has bled over into getting up early other mornings as well, lending itself nicely to studying before she goes into Clark Schaefer Hackett.

The support she receives from work has been helpful, as many of her coworkers know the ups and downs of the exam. Price said she welcomes people checking in on her progress, and it gives her an extra incentive to stay on top of studying.

Now she is doing her best to focus on what’s directly ahead.

“I just think about it one section at a time,” she said. “I think if I just pass this one, just get through this one and we’ll go from there. Because if I get too wrapped up in the whole big picture, it’s overwhelming.”

Next time: The aftermath of BEC

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