OSCPA student ambassadors celebrate Mother’s Day

Written on May 10, 2018

By Molly Ryan Kowaleski, OSCPA content & community manager

Mother’s Day comes around only once a year, so we asked our 2018-2019 student ambassadors to share what they love about their moms and how their mothers have inspired them.

MCS - 2Madison Cox-Shreffler, an accounting major at Kent State University, talked about how hard her mom worked to ensure she could attend college. As a first-generation college student, the sacrifices her mom made when she was younger and continues to make now are invaluable. And, despite not having a formal degree, her mother’s keen ability to crunch numbers in the family business is what first got Madison interested in business and accounting.

“My mom has always been my biggest inspiration. She was a single mom when I was growing up, so she did everything for me and my sister. I remember she was always balancing checkbooks and doing the financial side of my grandpa’s business, so I learned from a young age how to do taxes.

“I knew that I always wanted to study business so eventually I could help out, as well. I always wanted it to be something on the side, though, not what I focused on, and my mom always supported me in that. She always told me to go wherever I wanted to go and inspired me to try really hard; she did everything she could while I was growing up so I could do those things.

“My mom’s always taught me not to be afraid of big dreams. Just because it’s something that seems so far out of reach doesn’t mean it’s not possible.”


Luke Richtermeyer’s mom, Sandy, is a passionate leader who has managed to balance a career, family and role on The Ohio Society of CPAs’ Executive Board, among other things. Her dedication and guidance have not gone unnoticed by her son, who is an accounting major at The Ohio State University.

“My mother inspires me every day with all her accomplishments and her initiative in all walks of life, and I hope to be like that someday. With all these commitments, she still has always been there for me and is responsible for the person I am today.

“The greatest lesson she’s taught me is to be excited about what I do. Throughout her life, she’s always had so much on her plate, but she’s always shown up with the same attitude and excitement regardless of what she’s doing and people always notice that excitement. If people see you are passionate about what you do, doors open up for you. That’s made a huge impact on how I approach my responsibilities.

“The ability to accomplish all that she has and still be an amazing mother is something that has always astounded me.”

OSCPA wishes all moms a happy Mother’s Day! Learn more about our student ambassadors and the role they play in building the CPA pipeline.

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