Passing the torch

Posted on Tuesday, July 31, 2018 by Jessica Salerno

When Lori Kaiser, CPA, decided she was ready to sell a portion of her business, Kaiser Consulting, it wasn’t a decision she made lightly. In a discussion with Columbus Business First, the OSCPA executive board member said she’d been approached for years about selling but didn’t want to disrupt the business model of flexible full-time and part-time employees.

“As I felt increasingly comfortable the entire firm was advancing together as a well-functioning team, I decided to take the next step,” she said. “Given the old saying, ‘life is short,’ I had a strong desire to pursue my passions now rather than waiting for full retirement because the chance to do things later in life may never come.”

In a profession where women make up only 24% of CPA firm partnership, according to the AICPA, Kaiser knew she wanted to keep the business female-owned and sold the portion to six female directors on staff. Read more about how Kaiser started her company, her succession plan and how life has changed since the sale.

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