The conference swag you actually want

Posted on Thursday, September 13, 2018 by Jessica Salerno

Conferences mean free stuff, but unfortunately, free stuff often means free junk. We recently asked in an informal poll to members on Facebook the items they would actually want to receive at a conference. Some ranged from the practical: notepads and hand sanitizer, to the surprising and even tasty: a Yeti and chocolate. Here are the (again, informal) results:

  • 14: notepad
  • 13: trusty pen
  • 5: magnet
  • 4: squishy ball/brain item
  • 1: pin for laptop bag
  • 8 write ins: chocolate, water bottle, office supplies, t-shirt, hand sanitizer, and even a Yeti

What type of swag would you love to leave a conference with? Comment below!

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