Firms using a higher level of onboarding

Written on Nov 05, 2015

By Gary Hunt, senior content editor

Even the best hires usually aren’t able to contribute at a high level the day they join your organization. It takes time and effort to get new employees acclimated to your office.

We recently spoke with two firms that have taken their employee training to a higher level, and highlighted those programs in a special episode of OSCPA Spotlight.

Clark Schaefer Hackett has developed an in-depth onboarding process that lays a solid foundation for the firm’s culture. In fact, they feel so strongly about it that they’ve written a book on the topic: “The CSH Way.”

Douglas A. Michel, CPA/ABV, CVA, a shareholder at Clark Schaefer Hackett, said all new employees get a copy.

“We acknowledge that in our profession that there is a turnover perception, a turnover issue,” he said. “But really how we respond to that issue is what’s going to set our firm apart. It’s a very lofty goal.”

GBQ requires all new hires to work for one year each in their assurance and tax practices. Kaz Unalan, CPA, CEPA, director of tax and business advisory services at GBQ, said the result is employees who can make an educated choice about their career direction.

“Their base-level knowledge is really I would almost say supercharged,” Unalan said. “It’s going to allow them to really fast track their careers to be that more well-rounded, trusted business adviser.”

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