How to make sure you’re dressing up to snuff

Written on Sep 01, 2016

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA content manager

“How you dress does affect the way people perceive you,” says Karen Hough, founder and CEO of ImprovEdge and participant in OSCPA’s new Professional Primer video series. In these videos, we’re expanding on Professional Primer topics we’ve covered before, but now in a roundtable video format with our business etiquette experts.

This week we’re covering all the ways your clothing can affect you in the office. Along with Hough, we spoke to Bob Packanovsky, founder and president of The Vation Group, and Tonya Tiggett, chief success strategist at Promoting University, LLC. We discuss what business casual means today, what to wear in an office with varying styles of dress and how your level in the office should influence what you wear. Check out the video above, and stay tuned for more Professional Primer roundtable videos soon.


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  1. Suzanne McCann | Oct 05, 2016
    That has been my mantra from day one and it has served me well throughout my 30+ year career.
  2. Kay Olson | Sep 01, 2016
    Great points!  I've always believed you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

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