What the sport of football can teach CPAs

Written on Sep 09, 2016

By Gary Hunt, senior content editor

Ahhh, September… The time of year when many Ohio residents turn their thoughts to football.

TimKightThe most successful teams operate on principles that translate well to business. We explored that idea in depth in the spring with Tim Kight, founder and president of the Dublin-based consulting firm Focus3. In 2014, Kight became more widely known through his work in helping to align the culture of The Ohio State University Football program.

In May Kight, who for decades has helped accountants and others in business to improve their company’s culture, leadership skills and results, was a keynote speaker at OSCPA’s Business Excellence Symposium.

In a popular session on “winning the moment,” Kight told attendees that they need to master their personal skills if they are to develop “elite performance” in their organizations.

We also spoke with Kight on OSCPA Spotlight.

“The better CPAs I've met are very good at understanding complexity and then expressing it in simplicity,” he said. “And when I am with an organization that has professionals who can take something that's complex and simplify it for me or  a client to understand, that's a tremendous value.”

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