Student ambassadors ready to contribute to pipeline

2017 Student Ambassadors
By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA content manager

Kyla Williams fell in love with accounting through numbers, but like so many other accounting majors, discovered the subject is much more than calculations. As part of the Student Ambassador class of 2018, she’s looking forward to speaking to others about the potentials of the profession.

“I want to be able to enhance my skills, network and connect with others,” said the junior at Youngstown State University. “Being a Student Ambassador gives me the opportunity to meet more people.”

This new class of 19 ambassadors will promote accounting as a viable and in-demand career to students at 18 campuses across Ohio. Their responsibilities included speaking to classrooms, holding on-campus events and helping with High School Accounting Career Days to make sure students understand the many career paths and ROI of an accounting major. The Ambassadors program is fully funded by The Ohio CPA Foundation, OSCPA’s philanthropic partner that funds programs to grow Ohio’s accounting talent pool.

“The opportunities are endless with accounting,” said Benjamin Haraway, senior at Ashland University.

Haraway said he hopes to one day be a business owner, and knew accounting would be a great foundation to help him to get there. He also said he appreciates the flexibility of the profession, and that he knows how marketable an accounting background will make him in the future.

Jared Shilot, a senior at Kent State University, said he chose accounting for the opportunity to make an impact on businesses. He’s accepted a position with Deloitte’s auditing practice in 2019, and said being part of the Student Ambassador Program gives him the chance to discuss that passion.

“To be a young CPA or young accounting student and talk with other accounting staff and upper management is going to be very beneficial for me,” he said. “With public accounting a lot of opportunities are there and I’m excited to get started.”

The chance to network through the program is also something Williams looks forward to.

“I want to be able to enhance my skills and network, which I can do as a Student Ambassador,” Williams said. “It’s going to be cool to talk to other students and see firsthand how I can help them. I think it will create more opportunities for me while I’m also helping others.”

Learn more about the student ambassador class of 2017-2018 and the institutions that host them here.

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