Clarke Price Scholarship continues to inspire next generation of accountants

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA content manager

Acts of leadership can have a ripple effect, and when J. Clarke Price retired at The Ohio Society of CPAs CEO in 2012, The Ohio CPA Foundation Board chose to honor his leadership in a way that would ensure that ripple effect for years to come.  

The board established a scholarship endowment in Price’s name raising nearly $100,000 from about 300 members. The first scholarship was awarded in 2013 and since then $12,000 has been awarded to students demonstrating the characteristics of leadership, innovation and commitment, traits that all embody Price’s 40 years in the profession.

“It’s always nice to have anything done that recognizes career and commitment and support of the organization,” he said. “I’m deeply honored still to this day.”

The scholarship is intended for non-traditional students, as Price himself had a nontraditional path. He flunked out of college twice before he graduated, and said he recognizes that not every student has the “typical” college experience. Among those awarded the Clark Price scholarship have been war veterans and first generation college students.

“Supporting students who don’t fit that typical mold but are doing well in school and have a commitment to the accounting profession is important,” Price said. “It’s something that should be supported.”

Today the fund stands at more than $115,000 and awards $4,000 annually in scholarships. One 2016 recipient from the University of Akron, Meaghan Diaz, said the relief the scholarship has provided in helping with her students loans has been welcome.

“I’m very grateful for receiving the scholarship,” Diaz said. “This lets me focus on finishing school and preparing for the future.”

Diaz is an entrepreneurial services intern at Sikich LLP and recently received a full time offer from the firm.

“This scholarship is a good motivator for students to stay in the field and then look at getting the CPA,” Diaz said. “It’s a great way to reduce the burden on students.”

Since retirement, Price has been involved with various boards and will become the board chair of Franklin University in 2019. He splits his time between his homes in Columbus and Tennessee.

“The way I describe it is retirement has been everything I hoped it would be and more,” Price said.

When it comes to the future of the scholarship, he said he’s happy to help students who need it.

“When people take that step to support the scholarship it makes me feel good that my time with the Society is remembered fondly,” Price said. “I hope the scholarship continues to reach and touch the sort of student that it is designed to support.”

Interested in making a contribution to the Clarke Price Accounting Scholarship Fund? Contact Karen West at or visit to learn more and give online.

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