Yes, back injuries can be an issue for CPAs

Written on Aug 31, 2017

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA content manager

If the heaviest thing you lift at work is a coffee mug, back injury prevention might not be high on your list of priorities. But you might want to reconsider, depending on how much time you spend in a chair.

BackInjury170831“The body wasn’t meant to sit for eight hours a day,” said Cassy Taylor, Risk Services Analyst at CompManagement. “It’s important that people who are in stationery positions for an extended period of time get up and move around or at least do stretches.”

Sitting for hours on end year in and year out can lead to lower back pain and weakening of the back.

And taking care of your back is especially important considering the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation recently passed a rule that workers with lower back injuries starting next year have to go through comprehensive conservative care before back surgery. This comes in response to the opioid epidemic and an effort to move away from prescribing potentially addicting prescription drugs.

Taylor said the mistake most workers make is not listening to their body. You might feel antsy after a few hours of sitting at your computer but ignore it to focus on accomplishing the next task. Instead, she suggested some ways you can combat extended sitting.

“Set a timer to get up periodically and stretch,” she said. “Or, stand up if you’re on the phone talking to someone and not required to be looking at your computer for information.”

Taylor said ideally your desk allows you to stand as well as sit, but if not, there are other movements you can try. Or you can take a lap around your office or the building or walk the stairs.

“Start out slowly, and listen to your body,” Taylor said. “The key is taking the time throughout the course of the day to get out of that sedentary position.”

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