Nonprofit news from around the web: August 28 – September 1, 2017

Written on Sep 01, 2017

GOP plan to kill estate tax sets up charitable giving conflict
Most Republicans support killing the estate tax as part of a tax overhaul, but doing so could have dire consequences for something else conservatives cherish -- charitable giving.

Nonprofits prepare for major changes to guidance for expenses and investments
FASB's not-for-profit accounting standard is the first major update to not-for-profit reporting in more than two decades, and it aims to lend better insight into how an organization operates and manages its finances.

Pretty bad best practices
Most nonprofits are really good at following rules. The problem is that some of the rules are terrible, including some that are actually called best practices.

Nonprofit workplace wellness initiatives: United Way of Central Ohio
Four years ago, the United Way of Central Ohio created a staff committee that focuses on balanced well-being, which also includes healthy eating. This is a terrific example of how design and implement a workplace well-being program with a minimal budget and maximum staff engagement and participation.

Tech Corner - Hackers using hotel WiFi to spy, steal data
The so-called "DarkHotel" group has been active for over a decade, with a signature brand of cybercrime that targets business travelers with malware attacks, using the WiFi in luxury hotels across the globe.

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