Letter from the CEO: Keeping our eye on the ball

Written on Sep 20, 2017

Last spring, I reported that OSCPA staff is focusing on four key priorities this year to better drive value and support the CPA profession. We shared those with the Executive Board this summer and talked about how best to tell the bigger story of what those outcomes might mean for members and others.

A rich discussion followed, during which we identified the many steps we are taking to meet our goals: developing our people, building a strong future talent pool in Ohio, improving Ohio’s business climate and bringing new solutions to market to help CPAs grow business. There also were many stories shared of how CPAs are building interesting careers and helping companies succeed in a competitive climate.

Afterwards, we created a visual map – shown on page 3 – to help keep our eye on the ball as we move ahead with the many project plans on our plate this year. We think it adequately captures how we are bringing OSCPA’s mission and vision to life, and being more market oriented and relevant to CPAs today and tomorrow.

Simply put, we’re connecting the dots between our long-term vision and what we do every day to improve the customer experience. It’s resulting in new energy, enthusiasm and innovation in our business model. How are you connecting the dots to drive more staff buy-in for your business goals?

Scott Wiley, CAE
President & CEO
The Ohio Society of CPAs
(614) 764-2727, ext. 2218 (office)
(614) 546-9430 (cell)
Twitter: @ScottDWiley
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/scottwileycae

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