ODT asks for input on optional centralized collection

Written on Sep 21, 2017

By Gary Hunt, senior content editor

The Ohio Department of Taxation this week released the first round of draft rules regarding the optional centralized collection of municipal net profits tax. It has asked for comments by Oct. 3.

ODT has proposed the following:

Rule Number

Rule Title

Proposed Change


Filing of returns and payments by electronic means.



Joint economic development zones and joint economic development districts.



Change in taxable year and declaration of estimated taxes for short taxable years.



Consolidated tax return.


Comments on the proposals should be sent to Division Counsel Sarah Wise.

Wise and Tax Commissioner Joe Testa discussed the importance of stakeholder input on the latest episode of OSCPA Spotlight.

“People from a variety of industries plus business associations have come forward…,” Testa said. “OSCPA members file for clients with RITA, with CCA, with individual municipalities… What do they like about what they do now? What is it they don’t like? What would they like to see changed? That (feedback) has been very helpful to us, because they have the hands-on experience helping their clients.”

Ohio’s biennial budget bill, House Bill 49, was passed earlier this summer and enacts measures CPAs have wanted for years to improve the state’s business environment. That includes optional centralized collection on municipal net profits taxes, which takes effect Jan. 1, 2018.

In this episode, Testa and Wise discuss the efforts underway at the Department of Taxation to implement the tax. Watch now to learn some of the things HB 49 is not changing about municipal net profits taxes.

Related, Commissioner Testa is speaking the evening of Oct 19 in Columbus. Click here to request more information.

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