Your clients hate accounting. (That’s great news for you.)

Written on Sep 21, 2017

Whitepaper_cure_pain2_100x100For many small business owners, managing accounting functions is simply a distraction from what they love to do – managing and growing their businesses. Accounting is seen as a burden, and few small businesses know how to use accounting data proactively to better manage their finances.

Thanks to DIY accounting systems, you spend a significant amount of your time fixing the bookkeeping errors clients make. (Accountants frequently rate this as one of their greatest challenges.) And businesses often find it hard to hire competent accounting or bookkeeping staff. The current situation creates pain for both you and your clients.

In this ebook, we’ll examine how the right cloud-based professional accounting system can not only eliminate that pain, but also open new opportunities for accountants like you to better serve their clients.

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