More than 65% of Payroll Relief customers have switched from other systems. Here’s why.

Written on Sep 28, 2017


We created the cloud-based Payroll Relief with one goal in mind: to turn payroll processing into a highly profitable service with virtually no compliance headaches for accountants.

And the results speak for themselves: two-thirds of Payroll Relief customers have seen at least 25% improvement in their payroll practice.

The key to our stellar performance: an unprecedented level of automation. With Payroll Relief, you don’t have to worry about doing direct deposit, paying payroll taxes or child support, or filing payroll tax returns. Payroll Relief handles all of that automatically, on time, and with 100% accuracy – guaranteed. You even can eliminate data entry and the need to print checks in your office. And you get all this power for as little as $0.45 per paycheck.

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