Ohio Business Gateway update: Integration with OH|ID Business

Written on Oct 05, 2017

The following was provided by the Gateway Modernization Project Organizational Change Management Team.

One of the most significant changes coming as part of the Ohio Business Gateway Modernization Project is the Gateway’s integration with OH|ID Business.

When the modernized Gateway goes live, you will be asked to create an OH|ID Business account. You will use this new account to log in to the modernized Gateway and, eventually, to access several different business-focused services and applications offered by various state agencies.

OH|ID Business is part of a larger initiative to consolidate business user accounts across the state. This will enable increased security and privacy of user information, as well as a more positive user experience through single-sign-on to business-facing applications.

OH|ID Business will increase security across all the applications that are part of the initiative, including the Gateway. Having a single copy of a business user’s information located and managed in one secure location, rather than multiple locations, decreases the probability that the information can be compromised. As additional business-facing applications are connected to OH|ID Business, you will be able to manage your business user profile for all connected applications at one time from one location.

An additional benefit of OH|ID Business for CPAs is that it will dramatically simplify the way you request access to your clients’ Gateway accounts. Requesting account access now will happen entirely within the Gateway and will not require the creation of groups or the generation of a Service Provider ID, making it easier for you and your clients to use the Gateway.

The Gateway’s integration with OH|ID Business will result in a few extra steps the first time you log in to the modernized Gateway to ensure your new OH|ID Business account is linked to your existing Gateway account. However, after this one-time set up, logging in and maintaining your account information will be easier and more secure than ever before.

For questions or more information about the Gateway Modernization Project, email gatewaycommunications@governor.ohio.gov.

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