PEO audit concerns land at the top of the stack in September

Written on Oct 05, 2017

Late last year, the Ohio Department of Taxation audited small business owners using PEOs and determined they were ineligible for a small business tax deduction unless they met certain criteria. The issue came to the fore in September, as an OSCPA Executive Board member testified on behalf of the Society for a legislative remedy to this issue.

Two stories on this topic were among our most read last month, as were other legislative priorities.

10. Ohio Supreme Court: A SERP is a pension

9. Executive Board member testifies for legislative remedy to audits

8. OSCPA member follows sports dreams to the NFL

7. How changing the month-end close process can impact your business

6. ODT asks for input on optional centralized collection

5. Legislation addresses recent ODT audits over SBD/BID

4. Trust unbundled: The promise and threat of blockchain

3. The one question that will help CFOs keep their CEO happy

2. Bright line residency, PEO SBD/BID audits top list of legislative priorities

1. ODT suspends PEO audits, monitors legislation


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  1. Karen Bird | Oct 06, 2017
    Professional Employer Organization.
  2. Michael | Oct 06, 2017
    So what the heck is a PEO, for us people out of the loop.

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